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New boots + a buying ban

8 Mar

Entering Last Chance feels like being a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. I only vaguely remember watching this show as a child, but picture people loading up carts indiscriminately, elbowing for space around vats of scarves and racks of skirts. I decided to go because I was in Phoenix for work and wanted to leave the hotel after an exhausted day of acting like a well-adjusted human. I was so overwhelmed by the situation at Last Chance I almost turned around and left. But I decided to take a quick look at the shoes.

And there they were. A pair of Frye boots, just my size, stuffed onto the bottom shelf. Frye boots have kind of been my consumerist white whale. I’ve wanted a pair for years, tried to psych myself up to buy some as an investment piece, and always decided I just couldn’t justify the price tag. So when I found a pair of Melissas marked down 75%, I did it. I now own a pair of Frye boots. I have arrived.

I took them back to the hotel and tried them on, called my mom, texted a photo to my best friend, and then… that was it. My life was no different now that it included Frye boots. They fit well, looked good, would mesh with my wardrobe, etc. But they were just boots. And even though I’d paid $100 instead of $368, I couldn’t avoid the fact that I’d just spent a significant amount of money on something I didn’t strictly need.

So, on that note, I’ve instituted a 3-month buying ban. I don’t regret my Fryes (and I’ve already worn them quite a bit), but my bank account needs a break and I need a break. And what a way to go out, right? My last purchase was an exciting one, which won’t be topped for a while.

The rules of the ban are simple. The only purchases allowed are food and replacement toiletries. It’s been 3 weeks and so far it hasn’t been too bad. I almost broke the ban to buy this hat. Instead I pinned it and if I still want it in 3 months, maybe I’ll get it. I’ve found that most of the things I’d normally buy can be put on hold. And it’s amazing how often I just forget about things I plan to buy after the ban is over. Apparently I have the memory span of a gerbil.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Resolute 2014

3 Jan


2013 was a year of stabilizing. After 2012, the year of everything falling apart, I apparently just dug in my heels and refused to budge. Now it’s time to get moving again. So my motto for 2014 is MOVE. I’m excited terrified to start making progress. There are big ones.

1. Family

This year I want to get serious about having a baby. If it doesn’t happen (and it might not), I don’t want it to be because I never gave it a fair try.

2. Home

We have been lazily looking for a condo to buy, but I felt overwhelmed and unready to commit. Now I want to really start looking and find a place that we are excited about.

3. Education

I’ve wanted to get my masters for a while now but was letting silly things hold me back from moving forward. It’s time to start learning math again, friends. The GRE isn’t going to take itself, after all.


On a lighter note, can we please also do some fun stuff? I’d like to stay in some more hotels (my favorite thing), take Henry to see WWE live (not a joke), and make a buche de noel.

Link Love

25 Nov

A future without antibiotics. Both terrifying and well written.

A death in emergency room one 

This list is getting kind of heavy… so I’m just going roll with it. Here’s a good segue to lighter fare: Why we cry on planes.

There is a horrible but small chore in your life that you have been putting off. Today you are going to do it. Mine was adding my father on Skype. Don’t ask.


Silly Things I’ve Learned #2: Workin It

30 Jul

This week I had to do my year-end review (as in the end of my first year). In this past year I have fallen hard for Evernote. I use it for evernote everything, and I use it evernote every day. So, thank my lucky stars, a few months after I started, my boss suggested that I start a note to keep track of items for my year-end review. Throughout the year, whenevernote I completed a significant project, I popped it into my Year End Review note. 

That made writing up my year’s summary SO MUCH less painful than in year’s past, when I’d be going through email archives, racking my brain for the important things I’d accomplished the year before. So there you have it: something random and small that I’m glad I learned.


20 Apr

You know when people coyly tell you “we’re trying” with a little twinkle in their eye? I’ve always been find of uncomfortable with that expression. Like, too much information, buddy. I don’t know. It always seemed strange to me. Until I was the one trying.

And after about a year, it started to feel not like an exciting inevitability but like a marathon at which I was indeed trying very hard but not winning. I excell in circumstances where effort is the main determinant of success. I try very hard, just in general. But it’s become obvious that when it comes to starting a family, trying is not going to be enough. And I really hate that.

So another year has gone by with more trying and no suceeding, which ends up feeling like failing. It’s time to try something different, and I have to say that’s it’s daunting. Please don’t fail me now, modern medicine.

Aside 31 Jan


Photo by Stuart Campbell, who apparently  has been reading my diary.

Some good advice
“Ask yourself each morning, “What can I do for five minutes today to make my partner’s life better?”

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Project Runway wisdom

7 Sep

The worst thing that happens is a room full of everyone saying, “Aren’t we fabulous? We’re so fabulous.” Everyone is so happy together that they never stand back and said, “Wait a second.” –Michael Kors