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Resolute 2014

3 Jan


2013 was a year of stabilizing. After 2012, the year of everything falling apart, I apparently just dug in my heels and refused to budge. Now it’s time to get moving again. So my motto for 2014 is MOVE. I’m excited terrified to start making progress. There are big ones.

1. Family

This year I want to get serious about having a baby. If it doesn’t happen (and it might not), I don’t want it to be because I never gave it a fair try.

2. Home

We have been lazily looking for a condo to buy, but I felt overwhelmed and unready to commit. Now I want to really start looking and find a place that we are excited about.

3. Education

I’ve wanted to get my masters for a while now but was letting silly things hold me back from moving forward. It’s time to start learning math again, friends. The GRE isn’t going to take itself, after all.


On a lighter note, can we please also do some fun stuff? I’d like to stay in some more hotels (my favorite thing), take Henry to see WWE live (not a joke), and make a buche de noel.