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20 Apr

You know when people coyly tell you “we’re trying” with a little twinkle in their eye? I’ve always been find of uncomfortable with that expression. Like, too much information, buddy. I don’t know. It always seemed strange to me. Until I was the one trying.

And after about a year, it started to feel not like an exciting inevitability but like a marathon at which I was indeed trying very hard but not winning. I excell in circumstances where effort is the main determinant of success. I try very hard, just in general. But it’s become obvious that when it comes to starting a family, trying is not going to be enough. And I really hate that.

So another year has gone by with more trying and no suceeding, which ends up feeling like failing. It’s time to try something different, and I have to say that’s it’s daunting. Please don’t fail me now, modern medicine.