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Let’s hunt for jobs!

20 Jun

Don’t you think the phrase job hunting sounds a lot more fun than the action it describes? It sounds like a fun game, but it’s really, really not.

Well, here are some links to make things a little easier. I’ll update as I find more.

What to ask in an interview

What 4 common questions really mean

Tell me about yourself

What to do when you don’t get a job

Writing a thank you

“One of the biggest reasons it’s generally easier for someone that’s already employed to get a new position vs. someone that’s unemployed, is because they usually come across less desperate. They don’t need the job as much, so they ask better questions and evaluate the position more thoroughly for their own fit and interest.”

More on writing a thank you
” I say (if I believe it to be to true) what a nice environment they created for the interview/audition. And I say simply at the end, ‘I hope to see you again soon.’ ”

Salary negotiations


Ray Bradbury on…

14 Jun

Ray Bradbury on books and libraries.

Kind of love this surprising travel tip from Cup of Jo

Neon sign graveyard museum! I want in.

Black and white photo zaniness. People were doing weird sh*t long before the internet. But that hasn’t stopped the evidence from finding its way online.

I’m about half way through this book and I’ve already fallen hard. The writing, story, and characters–amazing. After I finish this, I’ll systematically read everything Julia Alvarez has ever written and then write her an embarrassing fan letter.

Are you a chaos puppet or an order puppet?

Change of plans

8 Jun

On Wednesday, at 11:15 a.m., I found myself alone and sobbing in a parking structure.  At 11:15 a.m. on a weekday, I generally expect to find myself at my desk at work. And actually, at 11 a.m., that’s exactly where I was, calmly entering changes after a proof.

But 15 minutes later, I’d been asked into my boss’s office, introduced to a kind but weary HR rep, and politely told that I would no longer be needed on the fifth floor. Effective immediately. And so I’d numbly gone back to my desk, gathered up my things, and stumbled out to the parking structure, handing over my security badge at the front desk (good riddance, really; the picture was terrible). I’d find out later that I was only the first of many to be called in that day.

So I wept and hiccoughed in the car for a while and then called Henry and repeated the drill. Finally I took a few deep breaths and drove out of the garage for the last time.

I can’t really think of a good way to tie up this post. Right now, I don’t feel like putting a neat little bow on this experience. If I’m honest, it’s terrible and heartbreaking and I’d rather not go through it, thanks. But I hope tonight’s fortune cookie is right, that there’s something good around the bend. I think that’s the best as I can do right now.