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My closet in 10 items

18 Mar

I have no shortage of clothing. I’ve got enough shoes to outfit a small army, more skirts that you can shake a stick at, and a serious striped-tee problem. But there are always the things I come back to over and over again, that core set of items that the rest of my closet revolves around. One any given day, I can be found wearing one (or more) of the following articles. Most are either old or came from a thrift store, but I linked similar version because I am helpful.

1. Chambray shirt.

A chambray shirt goes with everything. Like, everything. I got my mine from the little boys’ section of a thrift store. If you look closely, you can see a green marker stain on the front. Also, the arms are way too short. I just roll up the sleeves and hope no one notices the marker.

2. Black jeggings.

You know how you laugh at the commercials for pajama jeans while at the same time thinking, it would be nice if my jeans were as comfortable as pajamas… That’s how I feel about back jeggings. They’re like pajama jeans but without the public spandex and with a functioning fly.

3. Neutral flats.

Mine are actually not as cute as these. I just have a $20 pair from Charlotte Russe. But I find myself reaching for them at least twice a week. They’re a great way to ground a louder outfit and an understated way to class up a simple ensemble.

4. Brown wedges.

Wedges are comfortable, more stable than heels, and add a little height without making you feel “dressed up.” I have tried in vain to find another pair of the ones I have, but to no avail.

5. (Faux) leather boots.

No, I don’t have these Frye boots. That would be great though. I have some good basic, side-zips. They’ve lasted me through three winters (two in Utah, one in DC), and I think they’ll need to be replaced before next winter. I tuck pants, tights, jeggings, leggings, and whatever else into these babies and I’m good to go all winter long.

6. Skinny belts.

I’m relatively new the world of skinny belts, but I’ve fallen hard. Over cardigans, dresses, tucked-in skirts, tucked-out skirts, the possibilities are endless. I get the most wear out of my brown leather and my bright yellow. Seriously. Somehow bright yellow just goes with everything.

7. Tan jacket.

This one surprised me. When my dad’s wife gave this to me a few Christmases ago, I was ready to file it under “thanks but no thanks.” But it was from Abercrombie and Fitch, and I just wasn’t ready to brave that store to return it. So it sat around in my closet until one day I needed something light but not too light, casual but not a hoodie… and then I couldn’t stop wearing it. I usually roll up the sleeves and layer it with a long-sleeve tee or a light hoodie.

8. Houndstooth skirt.

I’m a sucker for a good pencil skirt. Add a classic, black-and-white pattern, and you have a deal. I wear mine with a black turtle neck and bright tights or a chambray shirt, yellow skinny belt, and red wedges.

9. Dark skinnies.

Of course, we all need a go-to pair of jeans. These are mine. Tucked in to boots in the winter, worn to work with flats, and paired with kicky sandals on the weekends.

10. Pearl studs.

Pearl posts are just so classic and sophisticated. Mine are faker than fake (neither classic nor sophisticated), but I’m hoping to get some real ones someday. I don’t see how they can ever really go out of style, so it seems like something you’d wear for ever.


So yes, that’s what I’m wearing these days. I’m still on the look out for colorful skinnies, some good non-skinny jeans, and tops to wear to work. What are you looking for right now?