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That time I spent $135 on coat hangers

1 Feb

I kid. I kid. I haven’t bought them. YET.

When I saw this post on Mighty Girl back in September, I audibly gasped. Most people are probably like, oh, haha (close tab). I began thinking of what I could cut out of the budget to make room for three unicorns to join our family. There are some objects that just make sense to me, even if I’m not sure why. Four months later, I’m still thinking about them. I think that’s a good sign.

So, no, I don’t own these yet, but I hope to soon.

You can buy them here. But save a set for me!


California dreamin’

1 Feb

Oh, swim suits. Why is it so hard to find a good one? I don’t ask for much: just something flattering and girly without being sexy or sporty. I feel like high-waisted bikini bottoms might be the key to this puzzle, but I haven’t seen many that work in real life. When I came across this one from Urban Outfitters, I felt like someone had finally gotten it right. Could it be that the busy print is what makes the bottoms so flattering? I don’t claim to understand it; perhaps it’s science.

Unfortunately, I don’t go swimming enough to warrant paying $37 for half a swim suit. I wonder how hard it out would be to DIY this baby using this burdastyle pattern. Could a crazy print disguise both a muffin top and mediocre sewing skills?