The Daily Show

25 Jan

You all know I have a serious crush on Jon Stewart, right? Right. So yesterday I got to attend a taping of the Daily Show and it pretty much made my life. Totally worth the day trip to New York, the stalking tickets online, the early waking up, the standing in the cold, and the part where an annoying comedian coaches you on the right way to laugh (loud and guttural, or so he says).

A few notes from the show:

1. Jon Stewart is as delightful and tiny in person as you imagine him to be. (Maybe I’m projecting. As I imagine him to be.) He came out and did a Q&A before the show and his answers were quick, funny, and surprisingly thoughtful. At one point a question asker mentioned that she runs a ladies-only arm-wrestling league (see #2) and he erupted in giggles and dropped his pen.

2. The first joke of the show never makes sense. I’d never noticed this, but it’s true. Apparently that’s because it’s always an inside joke with the audience and comes from the Q&A before the show. Last night he opened the show by saying something about arm wrestling his guest and perhaps joining a league if he won.

3. The tone of the show is totally different when the profanity isn’t bleeped. I’m not overly bothered by a little profanity, but something about bleeping it out adds to Jon Stewart’s lovable scamp persona and gives the show a mischievous tone. I kind of missed the bleeps.

We had a great time at the show and in New York. I totally recommend seeing a taping if you’re a fan of the show.

As a side note, we also had some amazing food while we were in New York. The prix fixe menu at Moritmoto had some awesome options (the black cod was wonderful). We also got hot chocolate (served in a bowl with a homemade marshmallow) from Amy’s Bread. Life changing, my friends.


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