Chocolate chip cookies revisited

20 Jan


I have, historically, been a terrible cookie maker. My cookies come out either crunchy and flat or gooey and sloppy. So I usually avoid making cookies. But last night there was a hole in my stomach the exact shape of a chocolate chip cookie and nothing else would do. I remembered seeing a tip somewhere about shaping the dough into little cones instead of balls (so that they slowly melt into plump mounds) and reducing the heat to 325 degrees.

And it worked! The curse has been broken. The cookies were soft in the middle with a the slightest little bit of crunch around the edges.(I used this classic recipe, subbing butter for margarine.)

So now I’m ready to move on to other cookies. Here are a few on my list:

Chocolate chip potato chip cookies

Pretzel cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Lemon cookies

Mudslide cookies


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