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The Daily Show

25 Jan

You all know I have a serious crush on Jon Stewart, right? Right. So yesterday I got to attend a taping of the Daily Show and it pretty much made my life. Totally worth the day trip to New York, the stalking tickets online, the early waking up, the standing in the cold, and the part where an annoying comedian coaches you on the right way to laugh (loud and guttural, or so he says).

A few notes from the show:

1. Jon Stewart is as delightful and tiny in person as you imagine him to be. (Maybe I’m projecting. As I imagine him to be.) He came out and did a Q&A before the show and his answers were quick, funny, and surprisingly thoughtful. At one point a question asker mentioned that she runs a ladies-only arm-wrestling league (see #2) and he erupted in giggles and dropped his pen.

2. The first joke of the show never makes sense. I’d never noticed this, but it’s true. Apparently that’s because it’s always an inside joke with the audience and comes from the Q&A before the show. Last night he opened the show by saying something about arm wrestling his guest and perhaps joining a league if he won.

3. The tone of the show is totally different when the profanity isn’t bleeped. I’m not overly bothered by a little profanity, but something about bleeping it out adds to Jon Stewart’s lovable scamp persona and gives the show a mischievous tone. I kind of missed the bleeps.

We had a great time at the show and in New York. I totally recommend seeing a taping if you’re a fan of the show.

As a side note, we also had some amazing food while we were in New York. The prix fixe menu at Moritmoto had some awesome options (the black cod was wonderful). We also got hot chocolate (served in a bowl with a homemade marshmallow) from Amy’s Bread. Life changing, my friends.


Chocolate chip cookies revisited

20 Jan


I have, historically, been a terrible cookie maker. My cookies come out either crunchy and flat or gooey and sloppy. So I usually avoid making cookies. But last night there was a hole in my stomach the exact shape of a chocolate chip cookie and nothing else would do. I remembered seeing a tip somewhere about shaping the dough into little cones instead of balls (so that they slowly melt into plump mounds) and reducing the heat to 325 degrees.

And it worked! The curse has been broken. The cookies were soft in the middle with a the slightest little bit of crunch around the edges.(I used this classic recipe, subbing butter for margarine.)

So now I’m ready to move on to other cookies. Here are a few on my list:

Chocolate chip potato chip cookies

Pretzel cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Lemon cookies

Mudslide cookies

Save Flossie

11 Jan

Today I took a sick day. It wasn’t that I couldn’t have slithered myself out of bed and sat at my desk all day, but I haven’t been feeling quite up to snuff and I think it’s time I started resting before I come down with something instead of denying the fact that I’m getting sick until I collapse and spend weeks with a lingering cold. So, I took the day off. I slept in and then decided to dedicate the day to resting and recuperating. I should admit that I played online for far longer than I planned to. I decided to be fancy and put a different spin on the whole chicken-soup-when-you’re-sick thing, so I ordered pho from my favorite Chinese/Vietnamese place. They even deliver for free! So I sipped on that and watch this. It’s becoming a bit of tradition for me to watch foreign films when I’m sick. Last time it was this. If we’re being honest, it’s probably because I sometimes borrow/rent foreign films and then end of not being in “the mood” to watch them. So then I get sick and bored and am forced to watch them. But then I always enjoy them so I borrow/rent some more. Hmm.

What I’m watching (instantly)

11 Jan

I’m always on the look out for things to watch on Netflix. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying recently:

  • Downton Abbey. I think I was the last person on earth to get into this show, but wow. just … wow.
  • Top Gear. I don’t like cars, but I do love British accents and shenanigans, both of which this show has in spades. Soon you’ll be talking about boots, bonnets, and bollocks (yes, i do know that means).
  • Parks and Recreation. Again, last person on earth to see this. The premise didn’t really appeal to me, but it’s hilarious.
  • Sherlock. If you haven’t seen this miniseries yet, you need to set aside an entire day to watch all three back to back. Then you need to find a way to see the new season (not on Netflix yet), because it’s even better.
  • Romeo + Juliet. Oh, Leonardo. It’s impossible for me to know if I love this because I was a teenager when it came out or if it’s really just awesome. Either way, it’s not a bad way to spend 98 minutes of your life.
  • Fawlty Towers. Classic British TV series that will make you chuckle.
  • The IT Crowd. Yes, there’s a laugh track. Yes, it’s cheesy. But I can’t stop watching! It’s silly and addictive and the accents are wonderful.

And here’s my to-watch list:

  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Riding in Cars with Boys
  • My So-called Life
  • Bill Cunningham New York
  • Buck
  • Kings of Pastry
  • Dazed and Confused
  • The Virgin Suicides
  • Empire Records

What have you been watching on Netflix lately?

Persuaded to love Persuasion

11 Jan

Until now, I’ve had a like-hate relationship with Jane Austen. I like Pride and Prejudice, but I don’t have a lot of patience for Emma or Sense and Sensibility. Not sure what it is that bothers me. So when my mother-in-law got Persuasion from Netflix, I wasn’t very optimistic. But it really had me from the opening scene and didn’t let go until the screen when dark at the end. I’ll be on my way to the library first thing in the morning to pick up the book…

This didn’t hurt either:

There are no words.