Unsolicited fashion tips

14 Jun

A conversation that took place as I arrived home from work yesterday. As I climb the stairs to my apartment, a large, bedraggled man (LBM) is coming down and stops me urgently.

LBM: Hey! I need to tell you something!

Me: Um. ok.

LBM: I think you should get a shag haircut. You could look so cool! (hang-loose gesture)

Me: Thanks?

LBM: No really. I used to be a model, and I think you could look so cool! (peace sign gesture)

Me: Well… I’ll think about it.

Later I googled “shag haircut” and came across this definition: A thick, tangled hairstyle or mass of hair. Well, LBM, I am one step ahead of you. I’ve been rocking a shag since around 1998, when my hair started to inexplicably curl into a thick, tangled mass.

Exhibit A:

My hair actually always looks like this. The real challenge that day was putting on enough hair spray so that the wind didn't mess it up.


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