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How to Start Out with a Bang

12 Jun

1. Spend weeks mulling over names for your blog.
2. Decide on something fun and intriguing, yet also meaningful and smart.
3. Google said blog name and discover entire internet culture of drug fiends and prescription abuse.
4. Choose another name, one not rife with previously unknown double meanings.
3. While the name simmers, think of what your first post will be. Must be introductory but also interesting and quick and unpretentious and not contrived or sappy.
4. Open a blank Word doc. This is It—the first post on your new blog.
5. Start a post about your cats. Remember your goal to stop talking about your cats so much. Decide that yes, this does apply to blogging.
6. Delete post about cats.
7. Admit that instead of deleting, you just opened a new document.
8. Delete for real.
9. Open blank document and stare at screen for 15 minutes. Type the word “Well.”
10. Go into bathroom and splash water on face. Look in mirror and tell self to get a grip.
11. Admit that cat post was not deleted but saved in “Blog ideas” folder.
12. In fit of desperation, post cat blog as First Blog Ever.
13. In frenzy of shame, remove cat post.
14. Begin a list of steps to teach others exactly how to write their first blog post because am now an EXPERT on such things.
15. Go drown sorrows in Food Network while vowing never to tell anyone about new blog.